Continuous Line

Graphic Design, Illustration

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Today I focused on continuous line drawing which is the technique of creating illustratoins without taking your pen off the paper. The result of the composition is smooth and the extra flowing lines add depth and give the image character. I continued with my theme of fruit and vegetables and aim to experiment many different ways of illustrating them.

Before I began I looked at the work of artist Rachel Ann Lindsay who is a freelance artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. Some of her clients include, American Express, Honda and Marie Claire. She uses this technique to create amazing shapes and detail in her illustrations and I partially admire how she flows each figure into the next.

After completing my illustrations I then scanned them into photoshop and coloured my designs re-arranging them onto sheets of A4 to create some mock book pages. I purposely altered the positioning of the colour sections to overlap the line and reveal a small area of white.


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